What Animals and Bugs Are Attracted to Sunflowers?

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Having grown sunflowers for many years I have had many a plant captured by critters before its prime. I am of course talking about bugs, beetles, birds and all manor of wild animals. They are attractive to a trove of wildlife. And why not, sunflowers are truly magnificent and yummy to many creatures. So, what […]

Why Are Sunflowers Tall? Here’s Why!

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When we picture a sunflower, we all seem to have in our minds this idea of a tall, straight stem, with occasional large green shapely leaves. Large, round, yellow petalled, bright, happy looking sunflower head shining brightly at the top. It’s the stereotypical image we all have, even from childhood. And in many cases, this […]

How Do Sunflowers Pollinate? (with illustrations)

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The glorious blooms of sunflowers are such a big part of my summer, and bees are a big part of my sunflowers. And being pollinated is a big part in a sunflowers life cycle. I love hearing the humble bumble buzzing around, because I know it means the big beautiful sunflowers I have grown are […]

Do Sunflowers Follow The Sun?

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I just had to write about this as my first topic. It’s one of my all-time favorite things about sunflowers, and so many people ask the question that it deserves a proper answer. I hope I can help, and offer some detail around the behavior of Sunflowers whilst I’m at it! So, do sunflowers follow […]