50 Amazing Facts About Sunflowers

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When you see a sunflower, you may not realise it has far more about it than many other types of plants. The uses and value it has for us extend far beyond the pretty faced plant most of us instantly recognise. Of all the plants and flowers in the world, it’s one of the few […]

Are Sunflowers Weeds? Wildflowers? Or Plants?

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Before you get out the weed killer, let’s make sure that little yellow looking weed isn’t actually a sunflower! But is it a weed or not? Are ALL sunflowers weeds? I’d like to … of course say a definite no! But I thought I’d better look into this a little bit more before I say […]

Why Are Sunflowers Tall? Here’s Why!

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When we picture a sunflower, we all seem to have in our minds this idea of a tall, straight stem, with occasional large green shapely leaves. Large, round, yellow petalled, bright, happy looking sunflower head shining brightly at the top. It’s the stereotypical image we all have, even from childhood. And in many cases, this […]