31 Most Wonderful Sunflowers with Height Guide – Tried and Tested

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Think about a sunflower. Is it tall? With one large brightly, petaled yellow bloom bobbing about in the summer’s breeze? A larger than life flower that dominates the garden – that your eyes are drawn to? That’s what I think of too.  

But if I were to tell you there are red, purple orange and pink sunflowers too. Not just tall, but bushy, small, multi-headed and perennials. Would that interest you.

If your answer is yes, then I’d like to share with you some of my favorite sunflowers, and the reasons why I’ve enjoyed growing them over the years. Hopefully, I’ll be able to give you some ideas of the sunflowers best for your needs.

You don’t need a garden to grow sunflowers. There are varieties that are happy in containers.

Below is my guide from the giant tall varieties, we all love to grow, and many more that will make you want to sow nothing but sunflowers, and one that will take your breath away.

Types of Sunflowers. There are more than 70 varieties of sunflower seeds and plants. Annuals, perennials, tall ones, red, orange, purple and dwarf. I’ve put together for you the best guide and description of all the sunflower seeds to plant and enjoy in your garden, in pots on your balcony, or in a field. And a height chart.

sunflower seed varieties
a selection of my sunflower seeds

Gardening Terms

Before choosing the variety of sunflowers you’d like to grow, I hope to debaffle a few common gardening terms. Here’s a quick guide to what you might find on your seed packets and plant labels and what they basically mean. Such as Annual, Hardy Annual, Perennial, Biennial, F1 and such like.

Please don’t be put off if this sounds too sciency. There are no hard and fast rule or laws to growing sunflowers. Whether you have one plant pot or a field, If there are sunflowers you like the look of, just have a go at growing them. And enjoy.  

Annual Plant (A)

Annual plants have one season of growth then die off. Their whole life cycle starts with a seed and ends by producing seeds to be harvested. After harvesting the plant dies. Annual plants have this one purpose in mind, to grow big and strong as possible so it can produce a big healthy yield of seeds in one season.

Hardy Annuals (HA)

Hardy annual is an annual plant that can withstand a touch of frost. If my winter has been mild, some of my hardy plants will rest and come back the following year. They will bloom and give another lovely display for the next season, before eventually dying off.

Half Hardy Annual (HHA)

Half Hardy Annuals are seeds that are sensitive to the cold. They need to be sown in pots in a protected place, such as a greenhouse. After all fear of frost and low temperatures have gone, then my young plants can be planted outside at the beginning of summer. They will last until the first frosts of autumn.

Perennials (P)

Perennial means to grow back every year. At the end of their season, my perennial sunflowers need pruning care to get the full potential for their following years’ growth. If you like the idea of having sunflowers that come back every year I’ve written about perennial sunflower care here

Half Hardy Perennials (HHP)

Half Hardy Perennials are plants that given some protection from frost and harsh winter weather can live for two or more years. Give them Free draining soil, so the plant isn’t sitting in a water log throughout winter helps to prolong its life too.

Biennial (B)

Biennial means a plant can take two years (hence Bi) to grow to its full potential. The first year will mostly be stem and leaf growth. Then the plant will rest through the winter. The second year the plant will flower and produce seeds then die to leave their scattered seeds to sprout for the following year and the plant life cycle begins again.

F1 Seeds (F1)

F1 Seeds are basically a form of selective breeding. Two parent plants are chosen for their special qualities, maybe their height and color. They are then cross pollinated to produce a unique seed to grow for one season only. F1 is an abbreviation of Filial 1 which in Latin means First Children or first generation.

Dwarf Sunflowers

Dwarf Sunflowers are smaller in plant size, and flower sizes vary from small to medium. Wonderful for ground cover, a great variety if you only have pots to place on patios or balconies. See the best varieties of dwarf sunflowers below. Dwarf varieties have lower levels of the growth hormone called axin and this is why they’re smaller. That’s not to say you can’t grow a giant sunflower in a pot, it may be slightly restricted, but it’s still doable.

Companion Planting

I could quite happily fill my garden with sunflowers of all varieties and nothing else.

And Although I’m writing about sunflower varieties here, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that after deciding what sunflowers you’d like to grow there are a variety of vegetables, salads, herbs and other flowers that happily grow alongside them. And a few plants that do not grow well with sunflowers. I’ve written all about companion planting with sunflowers. I hope it helps.

Growing Conditions

Generally, sunflowers are quite easy to grow. That’s why they’re a big hit with most gardeners, novice gardeners, and children alike.

But depending on your climate, and what watering and growing conditions you have available, your final results could vary from what’s on the seed packet. My sunflowers are a law unto themselves sometimes and surprise me every year with hits and misses.

Pick the seeds for your needs,
Have a go and sow and sow,
See what happens as they grow,
And share all your results below.


Quick reference key chart of terms used below…

(A) = Annual
(HA) = Hardy Annual
(H) = Hardy
(HH) =Half Hardy
(B) = Biennial
(P) = Perennial

When you find the one that you like, click on the name, and it’ll take you to the seeds on Amazon, in case you can’t find them locally. It will open in a separate window, so you won’t lose the list either!

So, here we go. Here are my Favorite Sunflower seeds to plant and that I’ve grown. The chart for each, followed by information for each one…

Colored Sunflowers

The below chart illustrates the color and size of the sunflower bloom, for the most popular colored sunflower varieties, alongside the expected height of the sunflower if the most optimum growing conditions are met. I hope this illustration helps. You can also find these illustrated height graphs in my sunflower resource section for downloading.

colored sunflower height illustration
colored sunflower height illustrated guide chart

Evening Sun sunflower (A)

Evening Sun (A)Ht 6ft (1.8m) Bloom SizeSuitable for
Reds, bronze, yellowOne stem, multi blooms8” (20cm)beddingpotscutting
evening sun

These burgundy red, Bright yellow, bronzed, crimson and rusty colored blooms are a gorgeous sunflower to behold. I found them easy to grow, they can reach 7 feet or taller with multiple blooms on each stem. Seeds can be sown in the ground in their growing site or in large pots for the patio or balcony. The flower heads grew large and produced lots of flowers that made lovely bouquets for my friends and neighbors. Ok, so I had to use a step to pick some of the blooms and left the rest for nature. Here’s the seeds on Amazon if you can’t find them locally.

Red Sun (A)

Red SunHt 6ft (1.8m)Bloom SizeSuitable For
Dark RedSingle Stem, Multi Blooms4” (10cm)BeddingPotsCutting
red sun

Another easy to grow sunflower that can grow several feet tall. This makes it a beautiful sunflower for placing on your back borders. The big, dark red flowers sit on top of sturdy stems. The abundant stately blooms are ideal for cutting and displaying in a vase. They have a real wow factor. They flower throughout the summer and when they do go to seed the birds and wildlife will love you for them. If you, like me, would like these stunning flowers for your garden and in a vase, please find the seeds here on Amazon.

Ruby Sunset (A)

Ruby Red (A)Ht 3-5ft (1-1.5m)Bloom SizeSuitable For
Red, Orange HuesOne stem, multi blooms8” (20cm)beddingPotsCutting
ruby red

I found these sunflowers to be a bit of a beautiful puzzle. Why you might ask? Well. The 5 to 15 blooms on each stem produce a different color flower. Brown centers with dark red, orange through to yellow petals. They are easy to grow and reach 5 feet tall making them ideal for middle or back borders. The flowers are like large red daisies and look fantastic in cut arrangements. So I’m not against having these beautiful puzzles on my site shesaidsunflower.com. And the vibrant color makes them very attractive to butterflies. I love using the petals and seeds in my cakes and salads. Find this sunflowers seeds, with its many uses, on Amazon here

Velvet Queen (HA)

Velvet Queen (HA)Ht 6ft (1.8m)Bloom SizeSuitable For
Claret, Coppery, BronzeMulti Stems and Blooms5” (12cm)BeddingPotsCutting
velvet queen

Dark claret to red and coppery bronze petals with a chocolate, almost black colored center. These sunflowers looked lovely growing in a large clump, as a backdrop and borders to my other plants. They can grow to 6 feet tall and have multi flower heads on each stem. Great for cutting and making a dramatic statement, all by themselves in a large vase. If you’d like to have a go at growing these dramatic looking sunflowers then I’m pleased to say I’ve found the seeds here on Amazon

Black Magic F1 (A)

Black Magic F1 (A)Ht 4ft (1.2m)Bloom SizeSuitable For
Dark MaroonMulti Stem and blooms8” (20cm)Bedding PotsCutting
black magic

Black magic sunflowers grow Nearly 4 feet in height and have one of the largest dark maroon multi-headed sunflower blooms there is. The centers are almost black. They are brilliant for borders and butterflies and bees love them. they are stunning as cut flowers. Cut them just before they are fully opened. I love the beautiful velvety rich colored petals of these sunflowers. And I’ve found them here for you on Amazon.

Mexican Sunflower Bright Orange (A)  

Mexican Sunflower (A)Ht 3-5ft (1-1.5m)Bloom SizeSuitable For
Bright OrangeMulti Stems and Blooms2,3” (5,8cm)BeddingPotsCutting
mexican orange

Growing to 5 feet tall with long stalk-like stems and multi orange small like daisy heads. These sunflowers are sometimes mistaken for dahlias. Their vibrant orange petals and bright yellow centers are a magnet to pollinators and hummingbirds. Yes, hummingbirds love the sweet nectar that the Mexican sunflower produces, it’s such a treasured jewel to have in any garden. It adds height to any flower border and can be easily companioned with vegetables and salads too.   

Mexican Sunflower Bright Red (A)

Mexican Sunflower (A)Ht 3-5ft (1-1.5m)Bloom SizeSuitable For
Bright RedMulti Stems and Blooms2,3” (5,8cm)BeddingPotsCutting
mexican red

This bright red variety of the Mexican Sunflower grows up to 5 feet tall and also have multi stalklike stems with a glorious red daisy-like flower atop each branch. The nectar is a treat for butterflies, especially the monarch. And a focal point for a variety of other pollinators too. This stunning red variety of the Mexican sunflower attracts just as much attention in my garden as my traditional orange petaled ones. They are easy to grow and are bloom throughout the summer and early autumn until the first frosts. I found a very good quality of these seeds here on Amazon

Italian White (A)

Italian White (A)Ht 5ft (1.5m)Bloom SizeSuitable For
Creamy WhiteMulti Stems and Blooms4” (10cm)BeddingPotsCutting
italian white

Creamy white petals with a dark nut brown center, a pale yellow circle divides the center disc from the petals. This delicate sunflower grows up to 5 feet tall and has multi stems and many blooms flowering throughout the summer. This is great for a perpetual supply of delightful cut sunflowers for displaying. I love to mix them up with other colors of sunflowers too, makes for a nice talking point.

Pink Landum Adorable Pink (A)

Pink Adorable (A)Ht 3-5ft (1-1.5m)Bloom SizeSuitable For
PinkOne Stem and Bloom4,6” (10,15cm)Bedding PotsCutting
pink landum

I managed to grow these enchanting pink sunflowers for a friends wedding bouquet. They were breathtaking. I’ve Never been so nervous about keeping a plant safe and sound. Depending on your soil type and climate you might have a variant on the color shown here, but please have a go at growing them, even if it’s just a challenge to yourself. You’ll find the seeds here on Amazon, and I’d love to hear what sort of results you get in the comments below. Looking forward to hearing from you about this wonder of nature.

Pale Purple Berkheya (HP)

Berkheya  Purpurea (A) Ht. 1ft (60cm)Bloom SizeSuitable For
Pale PurpleMulti Stems and Blooms4” (10cm)BeddingPotsCutting

These dwarf pale purple sunflowers are in a league of their own. They grow only 12 inches tall and are great for a neat ground covering plants in big clusters. I love these as a bushy border plant too. Multiple gentle, pale soft violet blooms on thin, but sturdy stems. Their leaves are silvery grey, very thistle like and spikey. They flower in the late summer and are always a treat for me when their blooms start popping open.  

Ms Mars Purple (A)

Ms. Mars (A) Ht. 1-2ft (30-60cm)Bloom SizeSuitable For
Purple, Pink HuesMulti Blooms one Stem4” (10cm)BeddingPotsCutting
ms mars

A fetching dwarf sunflower growing up to 2 feet tall. The leaves are dark green. The buds are dark purple and the flowers are dark red to purple hues and pale pinkish tipped petals. Wow,  there is so much going on with having these in my garden. They are multi-headed and great for cutting. The bees and butterflies love them and they grow vigorously throughout the summer and early autumn.if you struggle to  Find these seeds at your local garden supplier they’re here on Amazon for you

Traditional Tall Sunflowers

The below chart illustrates the size of the sunflower bloom for the popular tall (giant) sunflower varieties, alongside the expected height of the sunflower if the best growing conditions are met. I hope this illustration helps. You can also find these illustrated height graphs in my sunflower resource section for downloading.

giant (tall) sunflower height illustration

tall (giant) sunflower height illustrated guide chart

Giraffe (A)

Giraffe (A)Ht 17ft (5.2m)Bloom SizeSuitable For
Yellow Single Stem and Bloom17” (44cm)BeddingVery large pots

This could be the tallest breed sunflower that was specially created for the climate in the UK. But happily, it’s available all over the world and with it being grown to the colossal size it does in the UK means there’s a good chance that it will be successful anywhere. Again a typical single headed sunflower, yellow petals, and dark brown center disc. The flower heads are 17 inches (44cm) across and give many seeds in return to plant for the following year, but if not these seeds are readily available here on Amazon

Pikes Peak (A)

Pikes Peak (A)Ht 15ft (4.5m)Bloom SizeSuitable For
yellowSingle Stem and Bloom15” (38cm)BeddingVery Large Pots
pikes peak

This single headed sunflower doesn’t grow as tall as the giraffe, but it’s still tall and can grow up to 15 feet. They have long yellow petals and a mustard yellow center. The blooms are the size of dinner plates. The stems are thicker and stronger than the Giraffe. The seed production is massive and the actual seeds are huge, almost an inch long. great for culinary uses. Collect the seeds to plant the following year, use them in cooking and Feed the wildlife. I found There’s enough to do it all. And with all the uses the seeds have you might need some more to grow for next year find a link here to replenish your stock from Amazon.

American Giant F1 (A)

American Giant F1 (A)Ht 14ft (4.2m)Bloom SizeSuitable For
YellowSingle Stem, Bloom12” (30cm)BeddingV Large Pots
american giant

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this whopper of a giant sunflower. They can grow above 14 feet tall and have such strong stems that I didn’t need to support them. The single flower is huge. Growing up to 1 ft wide, with bright yellow petals and a nut brown center. They grow fast and are an iconic sunflower. Great to get the kids involved in gardening, to see who can grow the tallest one. And my neighbors couldn’t help but stop, stare and comment on the size of these giants.

King Kong F1 (HA)

King Kong F1 (HA)Ht 14ft (4.2m)Bloom SizeSuitable For
YellowMulti Stems & Blooms6” (15cm)BeddingV Large PotsCut
king kong

Tall multi-branching and a mass of blooms on every plant. The flowers are medium sized and lovely for cutting. Vibrant yellow petals and a dark brown disc, these are ideal for bouquets and wedding table displays. The actual plant grows up to 15 feet tall with all the gorgeous blooms bouncing about on top of the plant. A special sight to see in anyone’s garden.

Titan (HA)

Titan (HA)Ht 10ft (3m)Bloom SizeSuitable For
YellowSingle Stem and Bloom24” (60cm)Bedding V Large Pots

These single headed sunflowers have one of the biggest flowers that yield an abundance of seeds that are huge. The bloom can grow to a colossal 24 inches in diameter. Thick sunshine yellow petals with a rusty colored center disc that can last for approximately 2 weeks in full bloom. Quick growing plants that can reach up to 10 feet tall. The seeds store well to sow the following year. Bees and butterflies love it. The seeds I got on Amazon, linked here, gave me fantastic blooms.

Russian Giant (HA)  

Russian Giant (HA)Ht  6ft (1.8m)Bloom SizeSuitable For
Yellow, pale orange discOne stem and bloom 12” (30cm)bedspots
russian giant

Another sunflower that belongs to this giant list of sunflowers, but like all the others it has its own uniqueness. These sunflowers can grow up to 10 feet tall and are probably that iconic sunflower look that we all think of when we imagine them. Single big yellow flowers 12 inches in diameter, pale orange disc turning brown as it matures. Dense green foliage that will create a fantastic backdrop or yearly summer tall border.  

Giant Single (A)

Giant SingleHt 6ft (1.6m)Bloom SizeSuitable for
YellowOne Stem and Bloom8” (20cm)Bedding V Large PotsCutting
giant single

Fast growing, single-headed traditional sunflower. Beautiful blooms that have long thick yellow petals and a dark brown disc. Very easy to nurture and can grow 6 feet tall. They last a few weeks in full bloom and I’ve cut these single large blooms (just as they’re opening) for a striking single centerpiece on my table.

Maximilian Prairie (P)

Maximilian (HP)Ht 5-8ft (1.5-2.5m)Bloom SizeSuitable For
YellowMulti Stems & blooms5 “ (13cm)beddingBig PotsCutting

If you have or would like to have, a wild part of your garden, then you’ve come to the right place. Depending on your growing conditions These perennial sunflowers can grow from 3 to 10 feet tall every year. Each stalk has from 15 to 19 yellow petaled with orange centered discs. The flowers are up to 5 inches across. These sunflowers are native to south america and can be found growing wild in the tall grass of the prairie. Maximilian attracts, among others, monarch butterflies and a variety of bees. They are often grown for livestock to munch on and have a large yield of seeds for wildlife to enjoy too. If you pinch off the growing tip, at the height you desire, you should get a neater and smaller plant with more flowers.

Alchemy (HA)

Alchemy (HA)Ht 5ft (1.5m)Bloom sizeSuitable For
YellowMulti Stems & blooms6” (15cm)BeddingV Large PotsCutting

A mass of bright yellow blooms on a branching bush of silver foliage. These lovely sunflowers can be cut for display or left to fill a middle to back border for buzzy bees and beautiful butterflies to dance on all day, there’s plenty of medium sized blooms to satisfy them all. They are half hardy so I sow the seeds outdoors at the end of spring in the part of the garden I want them to grow.

Hallo (HA)

Hallo (HA)Ht 4ft (1.5m)Bloom SizeSuitable For
YellowMulti Stems and Blooms8” (20cm)Bedding Large Pots Cutting

Branching Multi-headed Large blooms with Layers of striking yellow petals and velvety brown centers. rich green, large leaf foliage. Such an all-rounder. Suitable for attracting bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Suitable for growing in pots, borders and for cutting. If I’ve got a large part of my garden I can give to these sunflowers or just a few pots to fill I will. They look fantastic. The flowers are quite long lasting too. They give quite an abundance of seeds at harvest time, which my visiting wildlife love. These seeds are now readily available here.  

Dwarf Sunflower Varieties

The below chart illustrates the size of the sunflower bloom for the popular yellow dwarf sunflower varieties, alongside the expected height of the sunflower if optimum growing conditions are met. I hope this illustration helps. You can also find these illustrated height charts and other illustrations in my sunflower resource section for downloading.

dwarf sunflower height illustration
dwarf sunflower height illustrated guide chart

Sunbright F1(A)

SunbrightHt 3-5ft (1-1.5m)Bloom SizeSuitable for
YellowOne Stem & Bloom4-6” (10-15cm)BeddingV Large PotsCutting

Single Golden yellow petaled bloom, dark brown center discs and pollen free. I like to cut and gather these sunflowers as bouquet gifts for my friends who have trouble with pollen allergies. They are quick growing and have flowers up to 4 to 6 inches in size. If you’re looking for the iconic sunflower, but don’t want the height, this is the one for you. I found this to be everything a giant sunflower is but smaller and perfectly formed. I originally found the seeds here on amazon.

Gaillardia (P)

Gaillardia (P)H.Dwarf.t 12-16” (35-45cm)Bloom SizeSuitable For
Yellow, orangeMulti Stems and Blooms3” (8cm)beddingPotsCutting

I have these vibrantly colored sunflowers in pots and at the front of my flower borders. The daisy-like blooms flower throughout the summer. The vivid yellow-tipped petals go orange towards the rusty red colored centered disc. I have cut some of these small flowers for cute table arrangements, and by doing this more blooms will appear. With care and attention at the end of its growing season, the perennial gaillardia comes back for me the following year. I’ve written all about how to care for this cute and dazzling sunflower here.

Mezzulah F1 (HA)

Mezzulah F1 (HA)Ht 3ft (90cm)Bloom SizeSuitable For
Yellow, Orange HuesSingle Stem and Bloom 8” (20cm)beddingPotsCutting

This sunflower is pollen free. Singled headed bloom on top of a sturdy stem. Growing to a magnificent 3ft small. The flower is medium to large, yellowed petaled with striking orange inner petals going into a deep brown center disc. As its a semi-dwarf it can be grown in pots or in the middle of a border. Also, another good cutting flower that I like to gift. You can try these here on Amazon

Teddy Bear (HA)

Teddy Bear (HA)Ht 2ft (60cm)Bloom SizeSuitable For
yellow-OrangeMulti stems & Blooms4-5” (10-12cm)BeddingPotsCutting
teddy bear

Bright yellow-orange cuddly, fluffy looking 4-5 inch multi-headed blooms on 1 to 2 feet stem. They are unusual and don’t look like other sunflowers in my garden. There are so many layers of petals that create a pom-pom of petals. I love them in the middle of my borders. The 4-5 inch multi-heads sit upon sturdy stems. ideal for cutting, in large pots and the petals can also be used to garnish salads. Hopefully, these fluffy sunflowers are readily available near you, but if not, here’s a link to Amazon for you.

Little Dorrit F1 (HA)

Little Dorrit F1 (HA)Ht 2ft (60cm) Bloom SizeSuitable For
YellowMulti stems & Blooms4” (10cm)BeddingPotsCutting
little dorrit

These are cute, easy to grow, multi-headed sunflowers that can grow up to 2 feet tall. The long yellow petals surround a large dark brown disc that all the pollinators love to share. When harvest time comes, the large yield of small-sized seeds feeds birds and wildlife for weeks after the plant has finished its summer blooming. Here’s an Amazon link to this little darling of a sunflower.

Pacino Gold (A)

Pacino Gold (A)Ht 2ft (60cm)Bloom SizeSuitable For
YellowOne Stem, Multi-Blooms5” (12cm)Bedding    Pots Cutting

Multi-branching, multi-headed attractive yellow blooms that are 5 inches wide with a dark brown center disc that covers each growing stem. These sunflowers were actually bred for pots and containers, but they look gorgeous in the middle of my plant borders. The flowers keep on coming throughout the summer and last till autumn. If you only have pots or containers to fill this could be the sunflower for you. Traditional looking and long lasting. And here they are on Amazon.

Sunspot (A)

Sunspot (A)Ht 2ft (60cm)Bloom SizeSuitable For
Yellow, GoldOne Stem and Bloom10” (24cm)Bedding  Pots Cutting

Yellow-gold petaled beauties that are small plants and can get as tall as only 2 feet, with a whopping bloom that can grow up to 10 inches in diameter. Grow these wonders from spring, and 2 or 3 weeks apart to get blooms continuing throughout the summer. I can’t get over how big the blooms to plant ratio is. They are great in pots too. I get these locally, if you can’t they’re here on Amazon.  

Waooh (A)

Waooh (A)Ht 3ft (90cm)Bloom SizeSuitable For
YellowMulti Stems and Blooms4” (20cm)Bedding   Pots Cutting

The name says it all. Waooh! Masses of yellow blooms for weeks and weeks, with chocolate brown discs on top of very bushy healthy stems. Growing 2 feet tall in the middle of my borders, they were like fireworks throughout the summer months popping out pollen free 4-inch bloom after bloom. I use these in cut arrangements for when pollen allergy friends come to stay.

For your end of summer wedding, get everyone you know to grow them for you. There’ll be masses of iconic sunflower blooms for arrangements, bouquets, and settings. How glorious will that be? If you have any trouble finding them just click here to get them from Amazon

Little Leo (HA)

Little Leo (HA)Ht 18” (50cm)Bloom SizeSuitable For
Lemon, YellowMulti Stems and Blooms5” (12cm)Bedding   Pots Cutting
little leo

Growing to just 18 inches tall will lemon, yellow daisy like flowers. The multi-branching stems give bloom after bloom. I love this little button of a sunflower. It’s dainty and loves growing in pots and at the front of my borders. I cut them to have a little display lined up on my window sills. Easily available at your garden store or if you can’t find them locally, they’re here on Amazon.

Suntastic F1(A)   

Suntastic Yellow F1 (A)Ht 1ft (30cm)Bloom SizeSuitable For
Bright YellowMulti Stems and Blooms6” (15cm)Bedding  Pots Cutting

Easy to grow outside in pots, in there growing sites at the front of boarders and even window boxes in springtime. The blooms grow in flourishes of up to 20 flowers per 1 foot high small plant. The pollen free big blooms are 5-6 inches wide. Bright yellow petals surrounding a dark brown, almost black center disc. Very dramatic. They grow quickly and start flowering from early summer and onward. Great for cut arrangements too. These are possibly one of the smallest sunflower plants available. Very cute. If you they’re not in shops near you, use this link to Amazon.

My Final Thoughts

Every year I try and grow different varieties and types of sunflowers. It’s both a pleasure and challenge to see what my results will be.

But most of all it really is all about the immense pleasure. I get to spend time amongst one of the most symbolic and iconic flowers on earth, in all its many glorious forms. Now that’s what I call my little bit of paradise.

I hope I’ve given you a good cross section of some of the many sunflower varieties and types that I love to grow, I’ll keep adding to this list. And I’m always on the lookout for new types and varieties of sunflowers, so I’ll keep you updated on those as well.

I loved working on the sunflower height charts too, and hope they’ve given you a visual representation of how and where you can enjoy growing your sunflowers for any location, situation or occasion.

If you’ve had a sunflower that’s given you great pleasure in growing, I’d love to hear from you so I can try them for myself. And if you’ve grown any that have been quirky or interesting I’d love to know about those too. Looking forward to your findings and comments below. Thank you.

Related Questions

Can You Save Seeds from F1 Hybrid? Collecting and growing seeds from an F1 plant might not give you the same flower you had in its first year. This is because they have been hand pollinated to select a special feature from two different sunflowers. This is selective breeding to create a unique plant for one season only.

From my own curiosity, I’ve collected and grown seeds from F1 sunflowers with some surprising results. My sunflowers were cross-pollinated with other sunflowers and produced a variation of the F1 sunflower.

Everyone will get different results, so If you decide to collect and grow seeds from your F1 sunflower I’d love to know what sort of results you get too in the comments below. Thank you.

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